Auto Sock (For Snow & Ice)

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(V90 - 245/45 R18, 255/40 R19 , 245/40 R20, 255/35 R20, 245/35 R21) (V60 235/45 R18, 235/40 R19, 245/35 R20) (V60CC 245/45/R20, 235/45/R19, 215/55/R18 ) (S90- 245/45 R18, 255/40 R19, 245/40 R20, 255/35 R20, 245/35 R21 ) (S60 - 245/35 R20 ) (S60CC - 235/55 R17, 235/50 R18, 235/45 R19) The perfect aid for driving on snowy and icy roads. When the road suddenly becomes slippery, the sock is simply mounted on the wheel and provides increased friction on snow and ice. It takes a small amount of storage space and can be re-used. The snow sock is made of a high-tech fiber material, the fibers of which are roughened during use in order to provide optimal grip. The material is both strong and resilient to further increase the wheel's contact area with hard snow and ice.

Fits S60 (2019 - 2021)

Keyword(s): Snow chains

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