2004 Volvo XC90 2.9l 6 cylinder Turbo

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2004 XC90 2.9l 6 cylinder Turbo
Body and Interior

As our cars evolve into more and more advanced machines, Portland Volvo in Scarborough, ME remembers to focus on one central tenet: driving must always be enjoyable and easy. Our advice? Keep life simple. Maintain that ease with Genuine 2004 Volvo XC90 2.9l 6 cylinder Turbo Body and Interior Replacement Parts from Portland Volvo in Scarborough, ME.
These genuine parts fit your 2004 Volvo XC90 2.9l 6 cylinder Turbo

Accessories for load carrier

Additional heater, installation kit

Air conditioning assembly

Air distribution

Air guides

Airbag, suppl. restraint system (srs)

Auxiliary heater, electric

Auxiliary heater, electric

Auxiliary heater, fuel powered

Backrest, electrically operated

Backrest, manually operated

Base for rear seat

Bicycle carrier passenger compartment

Bicycle holder folding

Bicycle holder roof mounted

Bicycle holder tow bar mounted, 2 bicycles, bicycle holder

Bicycle holder tow bar mounted, electric bicycles

Body kit

Body side external

Body side inner

Bumper, front, body parts

Bumper, front, colour coordinated

Bumper, rear, body parts

Bumper, rear, colour coordinated

Cable harness towbar

Cable harness towbar

Car cover

Car seat belt rear 3rd row

Caravan mirrors

Cargo compartment mats

Child (safety) seat

Climate unit assembly

Climate unit rear


Condenser and accumulator

Consealing panel, modesty panel

Control panel centre console (ccm)

Control panel centre console (ccm)

Courtesy handle, entry handle

Dashboard air ducts

Dashboard body parts

Decals dashboard and passenger compartment

Decals doors

Decals engine compartment

Decals luggage compartment

Decals tank hatch

Door panel rear

Door panel, front

Door panel, front


Engine bonnet with fittings, hood with assy. parts

Fender flare, mudguard widener

Floor section

Floor upholstery front

Floor upholstery rear

Front fender, front wing

Front seat belt

Front seat padding panels

Front section

Glass and sealing moulding for windscreen and rear window

Glass for side doors and window

Glove compartment

Handle tailgate

Head restraint

Head restraint rse


Heat shields


Identification plate

Insulation and cover, engine

Insulation engine compartment

Insulation, passenger and cargo compartment

Integrated booster cushion rear seat

Interior trim components cargo compartment floor section

Interior trim components cargo compartment panel

Internal rearview mirror

Kayak cradle

Load carrier for rails

Load securing system cargo compartment

Lock and handle front door

Lock and handle rear door

Lock kits

Locking system tailgate

Luggage net

Material description, trim strips

Mats passenger compartment

Mats passenger compartment

Member system front

Mouldings for doors and hatches



Panels for a, b, c, cd pillars

Q-glass body


Rear seat belt

Rear seat frame

Rear seat frame

Rear seat frame 3rd row

Rear seat padding panels 3rd row

Rear seat padding, panels

Rear seat padding, panels

Rear section

Rear wheel brake

Rearview mirrors, door mirrors

Relay electric engine block heater, relay

Remote start heater

Repair kit auxiliary heater, fuel powered

Roof box

Roof box experience, sporttime

Roof hatch Bodystyle: 5DRS S.R

Roof panel

Roof panel

Safety kit

Seals body, cargo compartment

Seals body, engine compartment

Seals body, passenger compartment and doors

Side door assembly

Sill moulding

Subframe for seat, electrical adjustment

Sun curtain

Sun visor, sunvisor

Supporting frame for seat, manually adjustable


Tank hatch

Tools and jack

Tow bar fixed

Towing hitch, detachable

Transmission tunnel console

Trim parts external

Tunnel console arm rest

Tunnel console arm rest cool box

Upholstery front seat

Upholstery front seat

Upholstery front seat

Upholstery rear seat

Upholstery rear seat

Upholstery rear seat, upholstery rear seat 3rd row

Wheel housing front

Wheel housing rear

Window lift mechanism

Windscreen drainage


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